Meet George

I am a recently retired chemical engineer who spent 37 years in industry solving problems, designing things that have to work, and making things more efficient.  I confirmed through the opportunity that I had to travel extensively worldwide in my last job that the U.S. is by far the greatest country in the world.  We need to keep it that way.

Before 2017, politics had not been on my priority list.  Recently I felt a calling, based on what we all see going on in Washington, to use what I learned in my career as an engineer to help fix our problems and change the direction that our country is heading in.

I have been married to my wife, who is a middle school math teacher, for thirty-three years and we have three grown children.  My wife and I live in Lakewood in the 14th District.  My motivation to run for Congress is that I do not want our children and their generation to grow up in a world where there is no middle class, where the government is broke, and where the environment of the planet is being destroyed.  And nothing is getting done!  I feel I have been very fortunate in my life and career and like many of you, I feel that something needs to be done to change what is going on.

My parents were immigrants from Europe.  My father spent his career working on an assembly line in an automobile engine plant to provide us with what was then a middle-class lifestyle.  Those types of jobs have now been automated in a trend that will continue to accelerate.  We will need new, open-minded leadership to make sure that everyone benefits from our increased productivity, not just the wealthiest 1%.

Being a just-retired chemical engineer, I will bring a unique prospective to policy-making.  Whenever engineers consider an issue, they examine it with an eye towards resolving it.  And there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved in government!  Unfortunately, there are only seven people in Congress right now who identify themselves as engineers.

As a Congressman for the 14th District, I will be a strong advocate for women.  I am a strong advocate of equal pay for equal work.  I am the proud husband of a teacher in our public school system and I have two successful daughters, so I have a personal stake in making sure that all women have a fair opportunity to achieve their dreams, both for the advancement of women and for the advancement of our country.

One of my major platform items is to take back our government.  By this I mean that government needs to pursue the will of the people.  The only way to accomplish this is to get more citizen legislators like myself into elected office, people who aren’t doing it to become career politicians.  And the only way to do this is to impose term limits, enact campaign finance reform, end gerrymandering, and convince more experienced, knowledgeable people to run for office.

The decisions that I will make will always be based on facts, data, and science; not on ideology.  But most importantly, as a representative of the people I will not base decisions on my own will, but rather the will of the people in the 14th District.  We have now seen what it is like over the past year to have an administration in the White House that does not care about what the majority of Americans want, and a representative in our district who backs them up almost all of the time.

I am running for Congress because I have no faith that any candidates or politicians will accomplish what I plan on accomplishing, based on what we see going on in Congress.  I feel my children and their generation are being threatened and I will not stand for it!  I don’t want to be represented by a career politician.  I am going to expect a lot out of myself once I get to Washington.  I will be more vocal in getting things done because we are at a point where just going to Congress and voting is not accomplishing anything.

I have a lifetime of experience in solving life’s problems (three houses, three successful children, and 33 years of marriage) and a career’s worth of experience (37 years) of solving technical problems, making things more efficient, and getting others to buy into my ideas.  There are numerous multi-million dollar projects operating that I designed, in addition to a U.S. Patent with my name on it (U.S. Patent 6,004,523).

Finally, in order to win the 14th Congressional District seat, the Democratic candidate will have to be electable.  The 14th District is a Republican-heavy district that we have lost for too many years.  In 2016, we lost the District by nearly 20%.  We cannot allow this to happen again.  A recent poll indicated that Randy Hultgren still leads a “generic” Democratic candidate by 47% to 44% so even with all of the insanity going on in Washington, we still have an uphill fight.  We must nominate a candidate who can compete in this challenging environment.  In my last position before my retirement, my job for over seven years was to fly around the world convincing people throughout Asia and Europe to license American technology.  I did!  I will reach out to independents and moderate Republicans.  In order to win, the candidate will have to accomplish three things:

  • Gain the voter’s respect through knowledge.
  • Convince the voters that you have the right policies with facts and data.
  • Give the voters something to chew on, based on a strategy.

I can and will use my experience in convincing others, based on respect and knowledge, to win the 14th District.

We also need a tough candidate to go up against lawyer Randy Hultgren in debates. With my experience and facts, I will have no problem in doing this.

Finally, my wife and I have owned and lived in the same house in Lakewood in the 14th District for years and we will continue to do so for years to come.  This will be true whether I win or lose.  We saw how important an issue this is in the election in Georgia in mid-2017.


I am passionate about what I do and I will vigorously fight our closed-minded representatives in Washington to fix our easily solvable problems and to bring prosperity back to our middle class.