George Weber for Congress - 2018

Illinois 14th District

The United States is still the greatest country in the world, but our middle class is struggling as it has not in decades.  We also face other major problems that are going unresolved – jobs, healthcare, the debt, and climate change.  NOTHING IS GETTING DONE IN WASHINGTON!  To solve these, we need smart change in which policy decisions are based on facts, integrity and non-extremist thinking to bring fairness and balance back to the system and prosperity back to the middle class.

I will provide tough, independent, fact-based Democratic leadership for IL-14 and our country.  My mission:

We WILL bring prosperity back to our struggling middle class by allowing EVERYONE to benefit fairly from our economic system, not just the top 1%.  In doing this, we will also resolve our coming retirement crisis by providing us and coming generations with the same opportunity to retire at a reasonable age that our parents’ generation had.

We WILL resolve our easily solvable problems:

  • providing access through expanded vocational training to good JOBS, about 6 million of which are already out there waiting to be filled.
  • providing the U.S. with the same great, inexpensive, universal-coverage HEALTHCARE system that Canada and the European countries already have.
  • paying off our national DEBT just like we did after World War II.
  • regaining our leadership position in driving for the quick resolution of CLIMATE CHANGE.

We WILL return control of our political system, our government, and our democracy back to the people and away from the career politicians, lobbyists, PAC’S, and special interests.  We have a government that no longer represents the will of the majority of Americans.  We WILL legislate away the Citizens United decision which about 80% of Americans are against.

We WILL make decisions based on facts, data, and the will of the people rather than extreme ideology to assure the success of what we will accomplish.

We WILL return to the principles that made the U.S. great for almost 250 years:

  • Trust in God
  • Integrity
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Common Sense and Efficiency
  • Compassion and Tolerance

The Trump administration, backed up by the Republicans and Randy Hultgren, the current 14th District representative, are making policy decisions which polls indicate nearly always go against the will of the majority of American people.  The elected officials in government work for the American people, not the other way around.  Politicians need to listen to the people that they work for.  As a result of the bad decisions being made, we are now beginning to fall behind much of the developed world in a number of key metrics.  This is just not acceptable!  We need strong Democratic leadership in Washington to keep this administration in check.

I will go to Washington to be a citizen legislator which is what the Founding Fathers had envisioned, not to be a career politician.  I am not persuaded by ideology or rhetoric.  In Congress, I will pursue policies that reflect the will of the people, which also typically aligns with doing things that make sense.  And most of all, I will get things done!  I will do this by being tough and independent-minded, using data to convince others, reaching across the aisle, and most importantly, by leveraging the power of the people to back me up.

I am a just-retired chemical engineer who has had a career that involved solving problems, creating things that work, making things more efficient, and getting things done.  We need to change the direction that this country is heading in by doing things that make sense.

I am also thrilled to announce that the Independent Voters of Illinois – Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO) has endorsed my campaign for Congress.  The IVI-IPO is a major independent political organization that reaches hundreds of thousands of voters throughout the Chicagoland area.  It is dedicated to good government activism and an idealistic vision of open, honest government in Illinois.

As I have said from the beginning of this campaign, we must nominate a Democrat who can beat Congressman Hultgren in the Republican-majority 14th District.  This begins by appealing across party lines to Independents who represent a large portion of voters in the 14th.  IVI-IPO’s endorsement confirms that I am the Democrat who is best positioned to do that in this race.

I AM the candidate who has the passion, knowledge, and experience to win in 2018 and go on to Washington to get things done!  We are running out of time and need to act NOW to make sure that our middle class prospers and that the U.S. remains the greatest country in the world.  I need your support and your vote to accomplish this!  Check out “My Plan” and if you agree with what I am trying to accomplish, please refer this website or my Facebook page to friends and family.  Our volunteers and I can only do so much to get the message out.  Together we can fix our country, both for ourselves and for the sake of generations to come.

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Yard Signs

If you would like to help the campaign but don’t have the time, please consider allowing us to place a yard sign in front of your house for about a month, until the primary elections are over on March 20th.  We will get the yard sign to you and pick it up.  If you are interested, just click on “Volunteer” at the top of this page and indicate that you would be willing to place a yard sign in front of your house.  Thank you!